About Us

SCA 2.0 made us, and we know we're a team you should hire; if you don’t believe us, believe Ben’s parents. They’ve agreed to give their unbiased reference via mobile interview: Dawn 07708486879 Paul 07450238292. But now, for us. 


is twenty, born and bred in norfff London and always has a passion project going on (so much passion). SCA made him gain two stone, so hopefully things are looking up… not down! He collects things in charity shops like odd sized cutlery, tacky vinyl covers and furniture that needs some love. When he gets the time, his drag persona is Budgie, like the smugglers. 



komt van België en spreekt geen Engels. Haar hobby's zijn memes lezen en letters afspatiëren. Haar kat weegt 8 kilo en haar vriendje 75. Haar favoriete woorden zijn poldermodel, placentazoogdier en binoculair. Ze zal waarschijnlijk artritis van haar grootouders erven. 

If you want the translation meet us in person.