Ben got into the Guardian with a protest placard from the Donald Trump protests of 2017.

It reads: 

'Theresa, don't be the second PM to sleep with a pig!'.

On her internship in Belgium, Helena made this meme for the burger brand 'Bicky Burger' on Alzheimer's day.

It said... 

'I can eat as many of these as I want without feeling guilty'.

You may have noticed, we like to sod about doing things like this. Pointless T's are a range of customised shirts that were all designed in under 2 minutes. 

These were made during Helena's internship for the magazine Humo, who were selling erotic books. The art direction was implying a mistake to the public, but they got noticed eventually. 


Your favourite songs with fire in the title, transitioned into the sound of a blaring fire alarm. 

And there you were thinking fire alarms aren't loud enough!

Passion Projects

The typeface used across this website and in our book was made out of our tits (you could say it's the tits). The uppercase was Ben and the lowercase was Helena. 

If you want to get to know us as a team, this is (t)it.

We work in Soho a lot, so when we saw

a sign that read

'fly posters will

be prosecuted' on Wardour street, 

we wanted to send

a message to the landlord of the building.


Asking him to prosecute flies,

not fly posters.

We wanted to save our seat, and the only way possible was to drill a hole in a chair and stick a cactus in it. 

You can't question this logic, when it looks this aesthetic. 

LUSH stinks. You know it. So we wanted to bring that communication to life by mimicking fast food signs (McDonalds 100 metres away) and going to Oxford Street, to direct shoppers in that direction. 

Nicole Shirtswinger is an absolute plug for advertisers. If it isn't yoghurt, she's flogging something else.

So we've made @nicoleadseller,

a Twitter account where we ask the public what they want Nicole to advertise next and we'll make a fake ad of it. 

The Overly Cropped Top: how far can the crop top go? Summer is coming, and you need to get all that sunshine. 

The Tea-shirt: before you recycle them, make it fashionable. 

The Smell Myself: don't get caught out smelling bad, smell yourself first.

The Kick Me: be a step ahead of the bullies and already have their signs sewn into your t-shirts.

The Buy One Get One Free: is literally just a printed a4

t-shirt stuck onto a t-shirt.

Ben got his fifteen minutes of fame, off the back of his scholarship video when he scaled Ben Nevis in six inch stilettos.

He pissed off the internet, but there was a lot of love.

Google 'The High Heel Hiker' and you'll find out everything you need.