is a hotbed for sex. If you want it, you can probably find it (if not, Ben is open for dates. Call him on 07450216733). Problem: how do you know that person you are exchanging nude pictures with is genuine and not DDF (drug and disease free).


That's why we've created the worlds first STI photo filter. Like Snapchat dog ears, for willies.

When a nude image is sent as the first message, it is pinged back like a broken email (if anyone still remembers what email is!). 

The chlamydia filter is put over the top and an informational message is sent. 

Our CTA would use the location function on Grindr, that tells

you how far away the guy messaging you is. 

We'd use that and give clinics profiles, to show people how close one is, and that there's no excuse why being checked isn't easy.