St John Ambulance

is constantly looking for drivers, but often, in the wrong place. Gamers share a similar skillset to ambulance drivers. You play God in Grand Theft Auto, and if

St John Ambulance are advertising for these jobs, it should be where gamers live. 

Semiotics of GTA are still in the mind of the generation of adults who are able to drive. We'll use the front cover of the game to pull them into the recruitment campaign.

We'll brand the ambulances in game with the St John logo, and assign missions to save lives, not run over them.

Recognisable as a meme, the 'wasted' screen for when you die can be used to plug the wasted potential that gamers possess; and to instead become an ambulance driver.

And then use the platform Twitch

to show gamers the "real life gaming"

in ambulances. 

Handing out cadet badges with the gamer-tags of the players on them.